Furnace maintenance is key when heading into the long winter and Rusty’s is here to support you with preventative tips and emergency services when you need us!

Between snow storms and chilly temperatures in the northeast, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore that winter is upon us. Now more than ever we rely on the functionality of our heating system to keep us protected from the outside frost. That’s why we at Rusty’s are here to talk furnace maintenance and the importance of quality service when it comes to an emergency. 

Before we even get to maintenance and emergency repairs, it’s important to know that heating and cooling expenses claim almost 50 percent of the average home’s energy bill. You can’t afford to have an outdated system that hasn’t been installed and maintained correctly. We offer consultations to match your home with the ideal efficient HVAC system. We can also perform indoor air quality testing, preventative maintenance, and ductwork repair. 

If you’re having trouble choosing the correct model for your home, the pros at Rusty’s can make a recommendation as well as expertly install the system. For example, Mitsubishi Electric is the top selling brand of zoned heating systems with quiet and efficient heat flow. Anyone with a Mitsubishi Electric will enjoy cleaner air and superior control of heating and your monthly energy bill. If you’re looking for a larger system for a commercial space, Rusty’s can recommend top brand energy efficient HVAC systems. We offer ventilation systems and energy management designed to cut utility costs while keeping your clients and workers healthy and safe. 

As with any electro-mechanical equipment, HVAC equipment needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. We’re happy to schedule a consultation regarding your furnaces, boilers or water heaters and offer practical advice regarding the operation. We can also provide regular preventative maintenance to keep your system in top working order and help prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Should you need an emergency repair service, our technicians are incredibly specialized and skilled to diagnose and repair equipment that has suddenly stopped working or may not be working as efficiently as it should. Don’t head into the coldest months without Rusty’s, we’re here with preventative maintenance and 24/7 emergency services for your home or business!